Conducting of the Holy Qurbono Service

As per the Syriac Orthodox tradition, Holy Qurbono of the Holy Thursday (Pesaho) is normally  celebrated in the early morning hours. 

When the celebrant enters the Sanctuary, the  acolyte opens the veil (curtain) and lights the candles in the altar. 

1) The Holy Qurbono will begin as usual, with “May Mary, who bore you…” (Mariam Deeletok…”) and the congregation chants, “By the prayers of Your Mother…” (Nin mathavu visuddanmar….”). 

2) The Qaumo for the Pesaho is recited instead of  the Trisagion (Holy are You O God). 

3) General Epistle and Pauline Epistle are read as usual.

4) Gospel must be read as per the tone of Hasho (Passion Week).(La Moriyo Shubo…, etc.)

5) Promion & Sedra particular to Pesaho may be used.

6) During the blessing of the Censer, the celebrant recites the Qaumo of the Pesaho instead of “Holy is the Holy Father…Amen”.

7) After the Nicene Creed, i.e., the first prayer of the Anaphora must be the special prayer of the Pesaho, which is specifically mentioned in the Holy Qurbono book/The book of Anaphora.

8) There is no “Peace be with you” during the Holy Qurbono. So no “kiss of peace” during the liturgy of Pesaho. 

9) The celebrant has to do all the three ‘Subakono’ as usual during the liturgy of Pesaho. But don’t give kiss of peace to the other clergy, if present. 

10)  No Quqliyon during the Holy Qurbono. Instead, Pesaho Qaumo can be chanted. 

11) The three Benedictions (Slomo Hoobo, Nehavoon & Thehave) and the final benediction must do done as usual. 

12) The prayers of the Procession of the Mysteries is done as usual and the congregation can chant the Pesaho Qaumo instead of the usual hymns. 

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